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Date and Time Projects

moment / moment

Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript.

JavaScript     31056   today

mojombo / chronic

Chronic is a pure Ruby natural language date parser.

Ruby     2684   23 days ago

moment / moment-timezone

Timezone support for moment.js

JavaScript     2082   16 days ago

matthewmueller / date

Date() for humans

JavaScript     1231   yesterday

zeit / ms

Tiny millisecond conversion utility.

JavaScript     839   14 days ago

henrypoydar / chronic_duration

a simple Ruby natural language parser for elapsed time

Ruby     303   %d years ago

xaviershay / kronic

A dirt simple library for parsing and formatting human readable dates

Ruby     151   %d years ago

iainbeeston / nickel

Nickel extracts date, time, and message information from naturally worded text.

Ruby     85   10 days ago

sshaw / yymmdd

Tiny DSL for idiomatic date parsing and formatting in Ruby

Ruby     71   %d years ago

yb66 / tickle

Natural language parser for recurring events

Ruby     57   1 months ago

jrobertson / chronic_between

A natural language parser for validating complex date ranges

Ruby     24   %d years ago