Natural Language Processing Projects

fxsjy / jieba


Python     9687   1 months ago

nlp-compromise / compromise

natural language processing

JavaScript     6816   2 days ago

naturalnode / natural

general natural language facilities for node

JavaScript     6761   11 days ago

clips / pattern

Web mining module for Python, with tools for scraping, natural language processing, machine learning, network analysis and visualization.

Python     5613   yesterday

nltk / nltk

NLTK Source

Python     5177   2 days ago

sloria / textblob

Simple, Pythonic, text processing--Sentiment analysis, part-of-speech tagging, noun phrase extraction, translation, and more.

Python     4162   5 days ago

wooorm / franc

Natural language detection

JavaScript     2345   3 days ago

isnowfy / snownlp

Python library for processing Chinese text

Python     2181   1 months ago

louismullie / treat

Natural language processing framework for Ruby.

Ruby     1279   4 months ago

saffsd /

Stand-alone language identification system

Python     856   1 months ago

peterc / whatlanguage

A language detection library for Ruby that uses bloom filters for speed.

Ruby     610   1 months ago

jbrooksuk / node-summary

Node module that summarizes text using a naive summarization algorithm

JavaScript     573   3 months ago

threedaymonk / text

Collection of text algorithms. gem install text

Ruby     529   %d years ago

kmike / pymorphy2

Morphological analyzer / inflection engine for Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Python     495   16 days ago

angeloskath / php-nlp-tools

Natural Language Processing Tools in PHP

PHP     425   2 months ago

louismullie / stanford-core-nlp

Ruby bindings to the Stanford Core NLP tools (English, French, German).

Ruby     382   4 months ago

mimino666 / langdetect

Port of Google's language-detection library to Python.

Python     303   4 days ago

aurelian / ruby-stemmer

Expose libstemmer_c to Ruby

Ruby     232   12 months ago

diasks2 / pragmatic_segmenter

Pragmatic Segmenter is a rule-based sentence boundary detection gem that works out-of-the-box across many languages.

Ruby     209   2 months ago

diasks2 / pragmatic_segmenter

Pragmatic Segmenter is a rule-based sentence boundary detection gem that works out-of-the-box across many languages.

Ruby     209   2 months ago

ssoper / summarize

A Ruby C wrapper for Open Text Summarizer

Ruby     195   %d years ago

yohasebe / engtagger

English Part-of-Speech Tagger Library; a Ruby port of Lingua::EN::Tagger

Ruby     182   10 months ago

nyxtom / salient

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis Toolkit for Node.js

JavaScript     182   %d years ago

nieldlr / hanzi

HanziJS is a Chinese character and NLP module for Chinese language processing for Node.js

JavaScript     171   25 days ago

richtr / guesslanguage.js

A natural language detection library based on trigram statistical analysis for Node.js and the Web.

JavaScript     146   %d years ago

duanhongyi / genius

a chinese segment base on crf

Python     144   10 months ago

mihaivalentin / lunr-languages

A collection of languages stemmers and stopwords for Lunr Javascript library

JavaScript     144   3 days ago

atrilla / nlptools

Natural Language Processing Toolkit for PHP

PHP     129   %d years ago

abitdodgy / words_counted

A Ruby natural language processor.

Ruby     104   11 months ago

kimtaro / ve

A linguistic framework that's easy to use.

Ruby     103   2 months ago

yzhang / rseg

A Chinese Word Segmentation(中文分词) routine in pure Ruby

Ruby     102   %d years ago

sublee / korean

A library for Korean morphology

Python     86   5 months ago

louismullie / open-nlp

Ruby bindings to the OpenNLP Java toolkit.

Ruby     85   %d years ago

lfcipriani / punkt-segmenter

Ruby port of the NLTK Punkt sentence segmentation algorithm

Ruby     81   %d years ago

jedp / porter-stemmer

Martin Porter's stemmer for node.js

JavaScript     79   1 months ago

fortnightlabs / snowball-js

javascript implementation of the popular snowball word stemming nlp algorithm

JavaScript     79   %d years ago

tiendung / ruby-nlp

Ruby Binding for Stanford Pos-Tagger and Name Entity Recognizer

Ruby     76   %d years ago

kristopolous / porter-stemmer

A Javascript Implementation of the Porter Stemmer

JavaScript     73   %d years ago

zencephalon / tactful_tokenizer

Accurate Bayesian sentence tokenizer in Ruby.

Ruby     71   %d years ago

fangpenlin / loso

Another Chinese segmentation library.

Python     63   %d years ago

ged / linkparser

A high-level interface to the CMU Link Grammar. (Github mirror)

Ruby     62   12 months ago

namd / pypln.backend

Pipeline for distributed Natural Language Processing, made in Python

Python     56   7 months ago

louismullie / scalpel

A fast and accurate rule-based sentence segmentation tool for Ruby.

Ruby     46   %d years ago

ealdent / uea-stemmer

Ruby port of UEALite Stemmer - a conservative stemmer for search and indexing

Ruby     43   6 days ago

deepfryed / ots

ruby bindings to open text summarizer

Ruby     38   %d years ago

skroutz / turkish_stemmer

A simple Turkish stemming library

Ruby     35   5 months ago

arbox / tokenizer

A simple tokenizer in Ruby for NLP tasks.

Ruby     35   5 months ago

veer66 / thailang4r

Thai language utility for Ruby

Ruby     21   %d years ago

mcfreely / epitome

A Lexrank implementation in ruby

Ruby     20   9 months ago

markburns / mecab

MeCab ruby binding with gemspec

Ruby     19   %d years ago

skroutz / greek_stemmer

A simple Greek stemming library

Ruby     19   4 months ago

parhamr / nlp-pure

Natural language processing algorithms implemented in pure Ruby with minimal dependencies

Ruby     17   4 months ago

mblongii / ruby-ner

Named entity recognition with Stanford NER and Ruby

Ruby     14   %d years ago

apohllo / srx-english

English sentence segmentation rules based on SRX standard.

Ruby     13   %d years ago

diasks2 / word_count_analyzer

Word Count Analyzer is a Ruby gem that analyzes a string for potential areas of the text that might cause word count discrepancies depending on the tool used. It also provides comprehensive configuration options so you can easily customize how different gray areas should be counted and find the right word count for your purposes.

Ruby     11   %d years ago

6 / tiny_segmenter

Ruby port of TinySegmenter.js for tokenizing Japanese text

Ruby     10   %d years ago

lefnord / rstt

another ruby wrapper for Stuttgarter Tree Tagger

Ruby     7   %d years ago

knife / nlp

NLP tools for Polish language

Ruby     5   %d years ago

mimosa / jieba-jruby

jieba-analysis(结巴分词) for jRuby

Ruby     4   %d years ago

thesp0nge / wc

Your Word Counter Gem

Ruby     3   %d years ago

pks / zipf

Ruby NLP library

Ruby     2   %d years ago

lefnord / nlp_toolz

wrapper for basic nlp tools

Ruby     2   %d years ago

atelierconvivialite / word_count

A word counter for String and Hash in Ruby

Ruby     2   %d years ago