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Stemmer Projects

aurelian / ruby-stemmer

Expose libstemmer_c to Ruby

Ruby     232   12 months ago

mihaivalentin / lunr-languages

A collection of languages stemmers and stopwords for Lunr Javascript library

JavaScript     144   3 days ago

fortnightlabs / snowball-js

javascript implementation of the popular snowball word stemming nlp algorithm

JavaScript     79   %d years ago

jedp / porter-stemmer

Martin Porter's stemmer for node.js

JavaScript     79   1 months ago

kristopolous / porter-stemmer

A Javascript Implementation of the Porter Stemmer

JavaScript     73   %d years ago

ealdent / uea-stemmer

Ruby port of UEALite Stemmer - a conservative stemmer for search and indexing

Ruby     43   6 days ago

skroutz / turkish_stemmer

A simple Turkish stemming library

Ruby     35   5 months ago

skroutz / greek_stemmer

A simple Greek stemming library

Ruby     19   4 months ago