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yzhang / rseg

A Chinese Word Segmentation(中文分词) routine in pure Ruby

Ruby     99   %d years ago

arbox / tokenizer

A simple tokenizer in Ruby for NLP tasks.

Ruby     35   24 days ago

veer66 / thailang4r

Thai language utility for Ruby

Ruby     20   %d years ago

markburns / mecab

MeCab ruby binding with gemspec

Ruby     17   %d years ago

parhamr / nlp-pure

Natural language processing algorithms implemented in pure Ruby with minimal dependencies

Ruby     15   8 days ago

6 / tiny_segmenter

Ruby port of TinySegmenter.js for tokenizing Japanese text

Ruby     10   10 months ago

mimosa / jieba-jruby

jieba-analysis(结巴分词) for jRuby

Ruby     4   %d years ago