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Web-Scraping Projects

scrapy / scrapy

Scrapy, a fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for Python.

Python     20673   today

binux / pyspider

A Powerful Spider(Web Crawler) System in Python.

Python     8876   12 days ago

scrapinghub / portia

Visual scraping for Scrapy

Python     5102   today

bda-research / node-crawler

Web Crawler/Spider for NodeJS + server-side jQuery

JavaScript     2690   14 days ago

chriskite / anemone

Anemone web-spider framework

Ruby     1580   %d years ago

hickford / mechanicalsoup

A Python library for automating interaction with websites.

Python     1562   17 days ago

propublica / upton

A batteries-included framework for easy web-scraping. Just add CSS! (Or do more.)

Ruby     1538   %d years ago

cgiffard / node-simplecrawler

Flexible event driven crawler for node.

JavaScript     1447   8 days ago

lorien / grab

Web Scraping Framework

Python     1436   7 days ago

chineking / cola

A high-level distributed crawling framework.

Python     1124   28 days ago

felipecsl / wombat

Lightweight Ruby web crawler/scraper with an elegant DSL which extracts structured data from pages.

Ruby     953   7 months ago

jjlee / mechanize

Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python, after Andy Lester's Perl module WWW::Mechanize .

Python     641   2 months ago