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Multiprocessing Projects

celery / celery

Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

Python     6671   yesterday

ruby-concurrency / concurrent-ruby

Modern concurrency tools including agents, futures, promises, thread pools, supervisors, and more. Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, Scala, Go, Java, JavaScript, and classic concurrency patterns.

Ruby     3529   5 days ago

celluloid / celluloid

Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby

Ruby     3520   8 days ago

grosser / parallel

Ruby: parallel processing made simple and fast

Ruby     2496   2 months ago

dreikanter / ruby-bookmarks

Ruby and Ruby on Rails bookmarks collection

Ruby     1265   1 months ago

kriswallsmith / spork

Experimental library for forking PHP

PHP     578   %d years ago

pgriess / node-webworker

A WebWorkers implementation for NodeJS

JavaScript     535   10 months ago

meh / ruby-thread

Various extensions to the base thread library.

Ruby     469   %d years ago

rtomayko / posix-spawn

Fast Process::spawn for Rubys >= 1.8.7 based on the posix_spawn() system interfaces

Ruby     393   3 months ago

enkessler / childprocess

Cross-platform ruby library for managing child processes.

Ruby     367   4 days ago

nodejitsu / nexpect

spawn and control child processes in node.js with ease

JavaScript     241   %d years ago

mafintosh / respawn

Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes

JavaScript     213   2 months ago

ahoward / forkoff

brain-dead simple parallel processing for ruby

Ruby     69   %d years ago