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Task Queue Projects

resque / resque

Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later.

Ruby     7927   6 days ago

mperham / sidekiq

Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby

Ruby     7775   9 days ago

celery / celery

Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

Python     7438   today

automattic / kue

Kue is a priority job queue backed by redis, built for node.js.

JavaScript     6357   today

collectiveidea / delayed_job

Database based asynchronous priority queue system -- Extracted from Shopify

Ruby     4171   22 days ago

nvie / rq

Simple job queues for Python

Python     4026   8 days ago

brandonhilkert / sucker_punch

Sucker Punch is a Ruby asynchronous processing library using concurrent-ruby, heavily influenced by Sidekiq and girl_friday.

Ruby     2120   8 days ago

tobi / delayed_job

Database backed asynchronous priority queue -- Extracted from Shopify

Ruby     2093   %d years ago

optimalbits / bull

A NodeJS persistent job and message queue based on Redis

JavaScript     1772   5 days ago

php-amqplib / php-amqplib

A pure PHP AMQP library.

PHP     1715   9 days ago

jondot / sneakers

A fast background processing framework for Ruby and RabbitMQ

Ruby     1509   18 days ago

coleifer / huey

a little task queue for python

Python     1344   10 days ago

pda / pheanstalk

PHP client for beanstalkd queue

PHP     1175   4 months ago

chanks / que

A Ruby job queue that uses PostgreSQL's advisory locks for speed and reliability.

Ruby     1140   today

phstc / shoryuken

A super efficient AWS SQS thread based message processor for Ruby

Ruby     1027   3 days ago

thbar / kiba

Lightweight ETL for Ruby

Ruby     853   16 days ago

bernardphp / bernard

Bernard is a multi-backend PHP library for creating background jobs for later processing.

PHP     802   3 days ago

pricingassistant / mrq

Mr. Queue - A distributed worker task queue in Python using Redis & gevent

Python     623   19 days ago

bkeepers / qu

a Ruby library for queuing and processing background jobs.

Ruby     515   10 months ago

nesquena / backburner

Simple and reliable beanstalkd job queue for ruby

Ruby     380   2 months ago

YelpArchive / python-gearman

python API for Gearman

Python     235   %d years ago

php-amqplib / thumper

A RabbitMQ pattern library.

PHP     228   2 months ago

rdegges / simpleq

A simple, infinitely scalable, SQS based queue.

Python     117   %d years ago