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Geography Projects

alexreisner / geocoder

Complete Ruby geocoding solution.

Ruby     4468   yesterday

geocoder-php / geocoder

The most featured Geocoder library written in PHP.

PHP     2953   12 days ago

geokit / geokit

Official Geokit Gem. Geokit gem provides geocoding and distance/heading calculations. Pair with the geokit-rails plugin for full-fledged location-based app functionality.

Ruby     1418   1 months ago

thephpleague / geotools

A library of geo-related tools.

PHP     775   2 months ago

cjheath / geoip

The Ruby gem for querying's GeoIP database, which returns the geographic location of a server given its IP address

Ruby     604   3 months ago

grosser / i18n_data

Ruby: country/language names and 2-letter-code pairs, in 85 languages, for country/language i18n

Ruby     99   8 days ago

sshaw / normalize_country

Convert country names and codes to a standard.

Ruby     17   5 months ago